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From Humble Beginnings to Bold Leadership: Our CEO's Story

From Humble Beginnings to Bold Leadership: Our CEO's Story

May 21, 2024



“In life, some things won't return, and missing a great opportunity is one of the worst. Don't let it slip away. Grab it and make the most of it.”

- Asanga Marasinghe

Through this blog let’s get to know about Asanga a little bit more.

Encouraged by his family to chase his dream career, Asanga moved to Nalanda College Colombo after successfully passing the scholarship examination. There, he pursued in the mathematics stream and successfully completed his Advanced level examination. Subsequently, he applied for a full scholarship at the Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT). Commencing as a software engineer, he was privileged to secure a scholarship that allowed him to join IFS while being a part-time student at IIT.

IFS proved to be the decisive moment in his life and professional journey. Despite being a newcomer to the industry, the leadership team at IFS treated him with respect and support. Under their expert guidance and mentorship, he experienced significant growth and development, ultimately becoming a highly refined and accomplished individual. Although the journey of balancing both being a student and a professional was not without its challenges, his team provided unwavering assistance in overcoming every obstacle along the way, ultimately leading him to achieve success.

During his tenure at IFS, he experienced a defining moment when he was chosen as the Country Director for Bangladesh, a pivotal point in his career. Despite his youth and not fitting the typical CEO stereotype at the time, his CEO showed unwavering faith in his abilities to tackle challenges. The early phase of histenure in Bangladesh proved to be the most arduous. He confronted numerous obstacles, including navigating the impact of widespread rioting (Harthal) on day-to-day operations, which posed significant challenges to the entire project. Additionally, he and his team had to endure the daunting task of frequent visits to Bangladesh throughout the project's duration.

Despite facing challenging times, he remained a determined leader, effectively motivating both himself and his team to overcome these obstacles. Following this period of difficulty, he seamlessly integrated into the business operations, leading his team to successfully complete his tasks within the set timeline. Despite his age, he skillfully connected with stakeholders locally and internationally, embracing individuals from diverse cultures and ethnicities. This networking prowess played a crucial role in establishing his stability in the industry and contributed to making a name for himself. He takes immense pride in the valuable connections he forged with industry leaders throughout his journey, as these interactions have been instrumental in shaping him into the leader he proudly embodies today.

After successfully completing multiple projects with clients around the world, he found the concept of engaging directly with customers, delivering comprehensive solutions, more appealing than working on backend tasks. Having dedicated nearly twenty years to IFS, Asanga made the bold choice to realize his long-cherished dream of establishing a Consulting and Software Development powerhouse. Collaborating with like-minded individuals, they together gave birth to "inivos," a company that offers a comprehensive range of consulting and software development services. The inception of inivos journey was gradual, but with the invaluable guidance of seasoned industry professionals possessing extensive vertical and technical expertise, he steered the company towards success and propelled it to new heights.

Over the years, inivos has experienced remarkable global expansion, engaging in international projects that offered its employees the opportunity to actively contribute to the implementation and execution of diverse initiatives. Currently, inivos holds a prominent position as a solution provider spanning IFS ERP, product development, and software development services, boasting a skilled team of more than 160 experts. Headquartered in Singapore, inivos has effectively extended its operations to various regions, including North America, Europe, Scandinavia, the Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. The company takes pride in serving more than 80 satisfied clients worldwide and has accomplished over 175 successful projects.

As the industry welcomes the new generation, he finds himself impressed by their remarkable talent and potential. However, he also notices a recurring trend of limited experience in client-facing roles and decision-making among these young professionals. Therefore, he works hard towards fostering a culture where employees are empowered to take ownership of their projects and are professionally trained to effectively communicate and collaborate with clients and decision-makers, ultimately leaving a positive impact on the industry.

To reach the current position, Asanga and his team had to navigate a challenging path. Gaining trust and recognition in an ever-evolving industry proved to be no easy feat. Additionally, acquiring the right talent to deliver top-notch services posed another significant hurdle. Another ongoing difficulty the team faced was convincing clients to embrace change, which at times seemed impossible, as they often preferred to automate their processes and be done with it. However, at inivos, Asanga and his team go beyond just automating business operations; they provide a comprehensive business transformation service, enabling businesses to undergo a complete digital transformation. Nonetheless, the team successfully surmounted these obstacles, and today, inivos stands as a renowned company that aids businesses in their digital transformation journey. Asanga strongly believes that the growth and success of inivos is a direct result of the dedication and hard work of the inivos team. And his ultimate ambition for the inivos group is to evolve into a global consultancy leader, offering a comprehensive array of services encompassing both consultancy and technology development, all under one roof while helping employees to grow and develop, not just professionally but also personally.

Asanga’s remarkable journey is a testament to the power of perseverance and visionary leadership. Hisability to recognize and nurture talent has cultivated a dynamic team, while his insightful decisionmaking has steered us through challenges and towards unparalleled success. With our CEO at the helm, we are excited to embrace the future, confident that our upward trajectory will persist, fueled by hisunwavering determination and visionary guidance.

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